Friday, May 7, 2010


My Year Eleven class we nice to me today. Do you want to know why?


because I know David Rozali.

Can you believe it?

My Year Eleven's don't even know David Rozali - to them he's just that cool guy with the awesome dreads in the coffee shop opposite Torpy's or something. But anyway - they were really friendly in class today and I milked it for all it was worth in the desperate attempt to teach them something about repetition and emotive language!

I am pleased. Hopefully they will buy coffee from Davo and some of his cheery style of optimism and goodness will rub off on them and they might even start to wonder whether their own lives could be that happy, peacefull and GOOD?

And then maybe they'll want to do something about it...


  1. that's awesome, good old Davo!

  2. Yeah Dave's the guru of optimism and knows how to make great coffee too..Da Bomb!!!!!!!