Wednesday, June 9, 2010

generation alphabet

I'm not sure if it is a generational thing or if I am just a little dense. I showed the following graph to my Year Nine students, hoping to baffle them as much as I had been (it took me about ten minutes to figure out what it was all about)....
see my friend Spindleshanks' blog for original and larger version.

Of course they all figured it out in under 2 minutes and handed it back to me, very self satisfied and happy to point out how culturally savvy I was NOT.

In other news, the load of marking and reports due before going to Strath this weekend is making me amazed that I am even writing this post. Is it possible that I am doing it in the two minute gap between periods 3 & 4? Noooooooo.............


  1. Ahahaha! It took ten minutes, Kate? Who knew my doodles were so zeitgeisty! Maybe it's an obtuse graph, or maybe it's like the visual equivalent of that ringtone only teens can hear - you might not be young enough to get it, but you're not really missing out on anything. :P

    though to be fair, it was originally posted with context. Nerdy, nerdy context.

  2. original context? Where? I was very glad to discover in a later class that there was at least one poor teenager who (like me) thought it was something to do with people on drugs...